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For every premium advert placed, we will donate 50p to charity of your choice.
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Buying direct means fewer steps between the field and your table and fresher tastier food.
The Farm Shopper directory is the essential, easy to use guide to the very best of British country life.
Simply select a search category to find farm shops, fresh produce, local crafts, countryside breaks and much more, then enter a search location. You can also view our exciting seasonal recipes and even post one of your own. To promote a slice of good wholesome country life, place a free advert today!

For every premium advert we donate 50p to a charity of your choice find out more
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At Farm Shopper we're passionate about good, wholesome living and traditional standards. Our aim is to become the number one guide to a country lifestyle in the UK and Ireland.

Food scares in recent years have raised awareness around the quality and safety of food. Consequently, the demand for local produce from a known source has steadily increased, especially as consumers have become more conscious of 'food miles'. Animal welfare considerations have also resulted in an increasing demand for produce reared locally to established standards.

We began in 2009 with the intention of supporting small independent producers who beleive in maintaining the quality, freshness and integrity of their produce. We have now expanded to include a range of products and services associated with rural living to give you a real taste of British country life at its best.

For every premium advert, we donate 50p to a charity of your choice. Premium advertising is also free for registered charities.

Begin creating your advert by registering, registration is free. Your advert will be automtically accessible from all sites in our network. Your product does not need to be free range or organic but those that are will be clearly labelled. All our adverts refer to fresh, locally produced, home made or home grown goods or services relevant to a wholesome lifestyle.
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